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Overcoming fears at the Motorcycle Safety Course

I was enrolled in the motorcycle safety course on April 29/May 1 & 2. I needed to get my motorcycle license for a new job position. Larry ensured we were able to attend the first course available for us to complete our job requirements (big thank you)!!!

To be honest, I was terrified. After several motorcycle/dirt bike accidents as a child, I was afraid to ride one ever again.

After arriving at the course early on May 1, I was even more scared when the ‘little’ bikes were not available to choose from. Jason, our chief instructor, was very helpful in helping me to select a bike. Once the course started, I began to build some confidence, as Kri, Jackie and Adam were extremely helpful. Wasn’t long into the course however, when I fell off the bike. Again, Kri, Jackie and Adam were excellent. They made sure I was okay to continue, and helped me to regain some of the lost confidence I felt after falling. It was a perfect balance between making sure I was okay, and not focusing on the fall. It was exactly what I needed to continue. Jason worked during the lunch hour to find me another bike in which I would be comfortable on, and after returning from the lunch break, took the time to make sure the new bike worked for me. Everyone provided excellent feedback, help, guidance and encouragement throughout the remainder of the course. They helped to alleviate my fears, get out of my own head, and focus on the task at hand. They were extremely patient with me, and did not make me feel bad when I didn’t always get it right. They provided feedback for my next try, and were always positive. They gave the appropriate amount of praise if I was better on my next attempt. It was a perfect balance for me, and exactly what I needed.

On Sunday, as the test was about to begin, Jason took a few moments at the beginning on my test to settle my nerves, and offer some words of encouragement. Thankfully, I was successful in obtaining my learner’s and it was due in large part to the training staff. Without the friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, patient and dedicated instructors, and Larry Redmond’s strong leadership team I’m not sure if could have done it! They turned a very fearful weekend for me into a terrific learning, (and even I will admit, a little fun) experience. I am truly grateful for the wonderful instructors I had during the course. Please pass along my gratitude, as I really could not express it enough on the survey at the end of the course.

Shannon Pantel