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Safety Services Manitoba Helps Build Connections

“As a diverse business with a broad function and complex processes, our experience with health and safety is in constant development. Safety Services Manitoba has provided a fostering environment and guidance to help with the growth of a health and safety culture. They have put together a simple health and safety system that aids our managers and staff in abiding by the provincial regulations but is also easy to keep up to date. The service is very proactive and excellent value for the money. It is nice to know someone is always there when we need them.

Using the Total Training Management package has made it easy to schedule our staff into the many classes offered by Safety Services Manitoba. The Safety Services Manitoba health and safety consultant’s guidance and positive attitude has improved the safety culture within our organization.”

– Marc and Shaun, Co-Chairs of the Joint Health & Safety Committee at Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Total Training Management (TTM) is a one-stop training solution customized to meet all of your safety training needs. For more information on how the TTM program can work for your business, contact us.