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The knowledge, experience and ability my Instructors had was amazing!!

I completed the Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Course this past weekend and I can’t say how great the instructors were.  My class was split into two groups and the instructors I had, Doug, Roland, Jason, Danny, were fantastic!!  Their experience, knowledge and the way they all delivered the course content could not have been better.  I had dirt bikes a LONG time ago, but have not ridden a motorcycle in many years.  It didn’t matter if the instructors were talking to me or one of the other riders with no experience at all, they explained things with such great detail, everyone was able to understand it.  The knowledge, experience and ability my instructors had was amazing!!  I had no idea motorcycles could do what the teachers did on them and how they were able to get all the students doing it after only 2 short days.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the time they took with me, both during class time or during lunch breaks, just to chat about the course, safety gear or motorcycling in general.

The training I received gave me a solid foundation to build my skills and abilities for years to come.

I would recommend that all new ridders take the 3-day course.  It is TOTALLY worth the time and money!

Thank you again so much to all the instructors and staff at SSM that make this course great!!!

Mike P