• Safety Services Manitoba is Manitoba’s premier occupational and road safety trainer and consultant with over 50 years of experience making workplaces and roads safer.

    You can count on SSM to deliver comprehensive training and education whether it is in the workplace or behind the wheel. We are passionate about reducing risks and injuries; we are passionate about helping to ensure that each and every Manitoban arrives home safely every night.

      SSM offers:

      • A  modern 16,000 square foot training facility complete with Loft Interactive Display Boards

      • Training courses to help you improve your driving skills and stay safe on a motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV

      • Customized safety services to manage risk in your organization and achieve your business goals

      • Experience in a broad range of industries applied to your workplace to reduce injuries and associated costs, lower WCB premiums, increase employee productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line

      • Focus on building a culture of safety and risk management that is sustainable, cost-effective and gets results

    We will work with you to understand your challenges and opportunities and provide the services that will make a difference to you,  your employees, your workplace culture and your bottom line.

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