Yves Malo

  • Yves Malo, Occupational Safety TrainerOccupational Safety Trainer and Professional Safety Consultant

    Since 2010, Yves has been SSM’s primary forklift instructor. To date, he has trained over 3,000 students in not only forklift safety, but also Fall Protection, Aerial Work Platforms, Skid Steer, Overhead Crane and GHS/WHMIS as well as Train the Trainer in all of these areas.

    Yves comes to work every day inspired by the belief that every worker needs to be able to do their job without getting hurt so they can get home to what’s important.

    Yves holds an Instructional Skills Techniques (IST) certificate and teaches his students to always be willing to look for ways to improve safety and look for efficiencies.

    Yves came to SSM after a long and rewarding career at VIA Rail Canada. Of his 34 years at the company, Yves spent nearly half as a safety instructor and as Co-Chair of the health and safety committee. He took every opportunity he was given to complete safety training, including week-long training sessions in Montreal, and eventually became a safety trainer himself.

    His passion for safety and health helped Yves lead the way to creating a safety and health culture in the workplace. He was involved in developing new health and safety programs and policy, trained new health and safety committee members according to the Canada Labour Code Part II and taught new employees on all safety procedures, including forklift operation.

    While Yves takes workplace safety very seriously, he still manages to make it fun, too. He once won a contest for his clever safety motto – “Do it Right, Go Home Tonight!”

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Forklift
    • Fall Protection
    • Aerial Work Platforms
    • Skid Steer
    • GHS/WHMIS 2015
    • Train the Trainer in all of the above

    Other Areas of Study:

    • First Responder Training