What Sets Us Apart

  • At SSM, we want to ensure that you get the most from your hard-earned investment.

      • Diverse, shared experience: Our consultants and trainers have the backing of SSM’s extensive and diverse expertise and experience, gained in a range of industries and continually improving from one project to the next.

      • Knowledge transfer: We will educate your employees to ensure that they can implement your safety program.

      • Flexible and responsive: We have a broad pool of trainers and consultants to respond to your needs quickly and provide comprehensive, targeted and flexible solutions for your workplace.

      • Ongoing support: We are here to answer your questions promptly and accurately, by phone or email. We can also manage and track your training program for you.

      • Convenience: Training can be delivered at our facility or yours. We offer regular open enrollment classes to meet your needs on demand.

      • Hands-on training: Every course includes a practical component, giving your employees an opportunity to put theory to work including a confined space simulator, fall protection simulator, forklifts, a scissor lift and motorcycles.

    At SSM, we understand the safety needs of Manitobans, Manitoba businesses and Manitoba drivers … and we have what it takes to make a difference for you.