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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mental Health Safety For Life

Keynote Description



Covid-19 has changed everything. The ways we learn, work, connect and live have all transformed into a churning post-pandemic tsunami of change. 60% of all workers today are either experiencing or observing heightened levels of on-the-job mental health issues.
Safe workplaces don’t start with hard hats and fall protection; safe workplaces start in the minds of our people. So, what to do? Accept this invitation to invest some of your precious online virtual conference time laughing and learning with someone who has spent a lifetime apprenticing and mastering how to overcome mental health challenges.
Who better than someone who at the age of eight Stuart Ellis-Myers started his lifelong journey with anxiety, depression, ADD, and the neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome. Today 50 years later, Stuart offers a journey through 30 million uncontrollably twitches to uniquely offer you a wealth of immediately usable insights and actions that have both inspired and equipped millions on how to turn MENTAL HEALTH into MENTAL WEALTH.
Described as a great leader in mental health’ by The Mental Health Commission and ‘exactly what we hoped for’ by The Conference Board of Canada. Within this powerfully informative session, uncover how to CSI detect, minimize and SAFELY mental health manage yourself and everyone you lead who are silently overwhelmed with post-pandemic stress challenge.
Stuart’s life-changing MENTAL HEALTH FOR LIFE epiphany came to him at the dark & lonely brink of suicide. Twenty-two years and 832 + mental health performances later. Stuart’s life purpose remains to be a grateful husband and awesome grandad while sharing his GPS MIND MAP proven to drive the pandemic out while navigating your people back into peace, love, hope, and happiness.


Stuart Ellis-Myers

Stuart Myers is the world’s only funny, inspirational, motivational keynote speaker who loves to ‘positively traumatize™’ audiences. For over 20 years he has presented 800 times to audiences live and virtual across North America, Australia and Europe.
MPI rated Stuart with a 98% evaluation where delegates experience fits of laughter while learning how to become Unstoppable and turn mental health into mental wealth.
Stuart has over 50 years of lived experience with anxiety, depression and OCD-driven Bipolar panic attacks. Stuart is living proof that anyone who overcomes overwhelming circumstance tend to develop extraordinary approaches to everyday challenges, often achieving extraordinary results.
Stuart loves to breakthrough mental health stigma to reveal immediately usable, professional and personal life saving lessons—offering real, usable insights to overcome the many challenges of today’s globally-hectic world. So, get ready to take a deep dive into the life of a man held captive, but not broken by his mental health condition, who found the strength and determination to break free by performing his life-saving Unstoppable message to navigate
others back into MENTAL HEALTH FOR LIFE.
Stuart knows all too well the hardships of personal health challenges that altered the course of his life at an early age. By eight years old, Stuart began to develop anxiety, depression, ADD, learning disorders one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders of our time—Tourette Syndrome.
Living with Tourettes is a daily challenge of anxiousness, depression, and uncontrollable twitching. Faced with a lifetime of disability, Stuart made a powerful choice to direct his life toward a joyful and Unstoppable life—dedicating his life’s purpose to helping countless others overcome their own challenges and fears.



B1: Is Workplace Wellness a part of your Safety Program? If not, it should be!

Workshop Description

Organizations are required to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Over the years there has been great improvements and increased awareness in this area. Better safe work procedures, policies, more employee engagement in safety programs, but one area that often gets overlooked is the “wellness” of employees. When employees are not well, they are at increased risk for more incidents and illnesses which in turn negatively impacts the safety program of the organization. Yet, most organizations do not include a “workplace wellness” focus as part of their workplace safety program.

In this session, Wendy will discuss the connection between workplace safety and wellness. As organizations continue to feel the impact from Covid-19, workplace wellness is more important than ever. Learn what it takes to integrate an effective workplace wellness focus into your current workplace safety program and why it is important for the organization and the employees.


This session will cover:

• Understanding the connection between safety and wellness

• Discover what research evidence is saying about the benefits of integrating wellness and safety

• Evaluating the “Standard Organizational Safety Program” against a “Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Program”

• Learn the 7 action steps to creating and implementing an effective “Comprehensive Workplace Heath and Safety Program”


Wendy Hofford, WH Strategic Drive Inc.

Wendy is the President of WH Strategic Drive Inc. a facilitation, training and consulting firm specializing in CliftonStrengths, Leadership development, Human Resources, and Human Behaviours in the Workplace.


Wendy draws her experience from her years as a director of operations, and senior human resources where she was instrumental in transforming organizations from struggling to thriving.  She has proven that effective leadership works.


Working in the Construction Industry as an HR Director, a National Safety Officer, Strategic Leadership Trainer and Advisor for over 10 years, Wendy shares her experience and knowledge to all levels of the organization from front line to senior management to increase effectiveness, engagement, and productivity.


As a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, certified speaker and trainer with John Maxwell Leadership and the Gallup CliftonStrengths Organization, Wendy uses her skills, education and experience to bring energetic interactive experiential activities to her audiences through in person and virtual presentations helping turn concepts into practical solutions for leaders and their workplace.

Wendy is the author of the book, Rip Off The Bandaid! Have That Tough Conversation.

B2: Cultural Breakthrough by Design

Workshop Description

Kirk Regular will share information on how to make cultural shifts through true felt leadership and specific deliberate action to chart the course for change by choice and not by chance.


Kirk Regular 

Kirk Regular has 30 years in various leadership positions at different levels of a large mining company. Walking through the levels of leadership he spent time as a production and maintenance frontline supervisor. From there his journey brought him into several years as a middle manager in a production environment of both unionized and non-unionized employees. He became a Safety and Training Manager and then added Environment along with Human Resources in a senior leadership level. After 30 years in Mining, he branched out and is now the Director of Operations for a manufacturing company in the province.




B3: New Normal…Same Principles

 Workshop Description

The City of Winnipeg’s Emergency Management Program was put to the ultimate test during response to COVID-19. In this session you will learn how the City’s Emergency Management Office established, coordinated and sustained a large and prolonged pandemic response using emergency management principles. Discussion will incorporate various aspects of the response, including objectives, strategies and communications. The mechanics of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will be explained and insight into its day-to-day activities will be provided. The session will also explore the operational role played by safety services in transitioning the workplace to ‘new normals’ at the front lines.


Jay Shaw, Assistant Chief, Emergency Preparedness, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services

Kent Blackmon, Manager, Organizational Safety Services, City of Winnipeg

Kent Blackmon is a safety and health professional that holds a Bachelor’s of Science and is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). Kent is currently the Manager of Organizational Safety Services for the City of Winnipeg. In this role, Kent provides leadership in the development and implementation of city-wide programs that support due diligence in managing safety in civic workplaces. Kent has led the workplace safety sector of the City’s emergency operations during the COVID19 response.

Kent Blackmon is a safety and health professional that holds a Bachelor’s of Science and is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). Kent is currently the Manager of Organizational Safety Services for the City of Winnipeg. In this role, Kent provides leadership in the development and implementation of city-wide programs that support due diligence in managing safety in civic workplaces. Kent has led the workplace safety sector of the City’s emergency operations during the COVID19 response.






Tag You’re it! – Dealing with Stress and Mental Health in the Midst of Chaos

Keynote Description

This keynote presentation will explore the stresses and mental health challenges that many professionals have faced during the last year responding to the global pandemic. Shaw will take you through a personal journey to the explore the stressors and mental health challenges that he faced as well as the symptoms, training, actions, successes and failures that come when you are tasked with leading through chaos. This presentation will cover foundational concepts such as getting out of the basement, leading yourself with the CHAOS ladder, creating your mission intent and providing and creating a support network for your team. Participants will takeaway both inspiration and tactical real world solutions for leading through both small and large-scale stress events.



Jay Shaw, Assistant Chief of Emergency Management & Public Information, City of Winnipeg

Jay Shaw is a member of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service and is the Assistant Chief of Emergency Management and Public Information for the City of Winnipeg. Shaw holds a master’s degree in emergency management from Royal Roads University and is a recent graduate of Harvard Universities National Preparedness Leadership Initiative’s crisis leadership program. Shaw has been involved in emergency services for over 22 years with work both as a paramedic and a firefighter. Happily married with three children Shaw enjoys time at the family cottage and dreams of one day becoming a champion BBQ aficionado.