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What is Operation Red Nose?

Say you’re heading out to celebrate the holiday season on a cold December weekend. Maybe you plan on indulging in some holiday cheer or staying out ’till the sun comes up. The thing is, you’re also planning on bringing your vehicle. So if you do help yourself to an extra serving of holiday cheer or start falling asleep on your feet, do you have a plan for getting home – without getting behind the wheel and endangering people?

Why not plan on calling Operation Red Nose?

Operation Red Nose is a unique December-only designated driver program that operates for free. When you call your local Operation Red Nose headquarters, a three-person Driving Team will be dispatched to pick up you, your passengers AND your car. You and your fellow passengers will be driven to your destination in your vehicle and followed by an Operation Red Nose Escort. You can even call more than once during the same evening.

Everyone gets home safely and your vehicle will be there waiting for you in the morning, all free of charge…although donations are accepted and all proceeds will go toward supporting sports programs for Manitoba youth.

So keep the snowy streets a little safer and give some kids a shot at sports, all with a single call!

Visit the National ORN website to or check out the video below to learn more about the history of the program!