Live Remote Training

  • In response to the needs of our clients, SSM Launches Live Remote Training for Occupational Safety Courses

      Live Remote Training

    Live Remote Training is remote training led by a facilitator.  The facilitator will conduct the course via the internet and be speaking to a virtual classroom through a web camera.  Students can participate via a variety of devices (PC, Smart Phone, Tablet) and will sign in via their chosen device.  The facilitator and students can engage in discussions in real-time throughout the training day.

    Live Remote Training will provide a similar experience as our regular in-person courses just delivered virtually.  All participants enrolled in the course will be in the same online classroom, on the same date and time. SSM facilitators will be verifying attendance through roll call, mini-quizzes, and tests.

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    Who- Employers, employees, and individuals requiring certified training

    What- Selected facilitator-led Live Remote Training courses  

    When- Classes will run from 8:00am-3:00pm for full-day courses and 8am-Noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm for ½ day classes

    Where- Training delivered remotely via the internet

    Why- To allow staff to continue to be trained and certified

    How- Same easy registration process. Contact SSM to register at 204-949-1086 or or to reach July directly at 

      FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the technology requirements for Live Remote Training?

    You can enter the course via your browser on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. You will need to have built-in or external speakers to hear the facilitator. Having a microphone and webcam is required. Additional information on set up is here:

    When can I enter the virtual classroom of the course I’m attending?

    We recommend logging in app. 10-15 mins in advance to ensure set up and testing of audio and video. You can enter the virtual classroom 15 minutes before the start time. If you arrive early, you can remain in the waiting room and wait for the Facilitator to arrive. 

    How can I be sure an employee of mine is attending and engaged in the course?

    Even though the course is being held virtually, there is an Instructor who teaches it and takes attendance. If someone who registered does not attend, we will get in touch with whoever booked the course to let them know of the absence. 

    We expect and encourage interactive participation in our Live Remote Training, just like we would in-person.  Depending on each course there are group discussions, mini quizzes and tests to again verify attendance and participation and engaged learning.

    I’ve registered for a course, what happens next?

    You will be sent a confirmation email that includes instructions for joining the live remote training.

    Is there a practical portion of the class for forklift?

    With your certificates you will be sent home a Lift Truck Notification on next steps once you are back in the workplace.  Evaluations will be required in the workplace which can either be done by your employer or SSM at a later date.

    Will there still be a practical portion for other Industrial equipment?

    The Live Remote Training classes have been adapted to be as interactive as possible.  The Instructor will incorporate additional demonstrations, videos and pictures in lieu of practical training.

    Do you still provide certificates?


    How long are the Live Remote Training classes?

     The LRT classes are mostly 6 hour classes running from 8am-2pm.  The refresher courses are still 4 hours running 8-noon or 1-5.

    Do you offer all of your courses as Live Remote Training?

    We offer most of our courses as Live Remote.  We do not offer First Aid.  This is only available as in-person training.

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